The advantages of using laser cutting acrylic sheet

//The advantages of using laser cutting acrylic sheet

The advantages of using laser cutting acrylic sheet

Laser cutting is generally used in: switch electric appliance manufacturing, College Jerseys Store elevator manufacturing, asics femme pas cher food processing machinery, textile machinery, locomotive manufacturing, food machinery, petroleum machinery manufacturing, Nike Air Max 2016 Heren grijs aerospace, environmental protection equipment, household appliances manufacturing, motor silicon steel sheet, acrylic production and all kinds of machinery manufacturing processing industry.


Using laser cutting and cutting acrylic sheethas the following advantages

Good cutting quality: non-contact cutting, cutting edge heating effect is relatively small, basically there is no thermal deformation of work-piece, Greyson Lambert UGA Jersey completely avoiding the edge collapse of material punchingformation , Nike Air Foamposite cut seam generally doesn’t need secondary processing.


Not being affected by the material hardness: laser can be processed on the steel plate, Nike Air Max 2016 Dames Rood stainless steel, aluminum alloy, Under Armour Curry 6 carbide and so on. No matter what kind of hardness, it can be cut and processed.


Does not cheap jerseys damage the work of hardware: laser cutting head does not contact the surface of the material,and will not scratch the work cheap jerseys of hardware.


Not being affected by the shape of the work Hardware: laser processing flexibility is very good, you can process any shape,and also cut pipes and other special-shaped materials.


Precision is very high: the positioning accuracy is 0.06mm, and the repositioning accuracy is 0.03mm.

Narrow slit: laser beam focus into a relatively small spot, new balance 577 femme so that the focus will reach a very high power density, the material is quickly heated cheap mlb jerseys to the extent of gasification, and forms cavity when evaporating.

Cutting surface is very smooth: cutting surface doesn’t Detailed have burr, nike air max 90 pas cher cutting surface roughness will generally be controlled within Ra11.6.


Processing on non metal material cutting: such as plastic, scale wood, PVC, leather, textile, acrylic etc.

Save the moldinvestment: laser cutting doesn’t need to use the mold.There is no mold PURUS consumption, no need to repair mold, saving cheap nfl jerseys the mold replacement time, thereby saving cheap nfl jerseys the processing cost and also reducing production cost. ''''

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