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PC corrugated hollow sheet


Corrugated sheets offer high light transmission, strength, and wide service temperature range. This product is ideal for patio coverings, garden greenhouses and skylight applications. Professionals favor it for noncorrosive industrial structural roofing and siding, while homeowners favored it for a multitude of DIY projects. It is available in a wide variety of colors and profiles.

The advantage of sundecor polycarbonate corrugated sheets:

  • High Impact resistant: virtually unbreakable: 20 times stronger than fiberglass and over 120 times stronger than normal glass.
  • Hight light tranmission: up to 89 % light transmission
  • Light weight:1/8 the weight of glass
  • Weather and UV resistant: warranty against yellowing.
  • Wide service temperature range:-50 to +120
  • Good flammability rating : does not emit toxic gasses when burning
  • Easy to handle and install: easily adapts to curved surfaces.


•          Commercial Greenhouses •          Domes
•          Hobby Greenhouses •          Sunrooms
•          Partitions •          Vertical Glazings
•          Skylights •          Industrial Roofing
•          Domestic swimming pools •          Pool Enclosures
•          Canopies and awnings •          Window Replacements
•          Walkways •          Metal Buildings
•     Patio Covers •          carport covers

Technical Data

Property Method* Conditions Units Value
Density D-792 g/cm3 1,2
Heat deflection temperature (H.D.T) D-648  Load: 1.82 MPa °C 135
Service Temperature Range (Short term) °C -50 to +120
Service Temperature Range (Long term) °C -50 to +100
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion D-696 mm/cm°C 0.065
Rockwell hardness D-785 R Scale 116
Light transmission D-1003 Clear sheet % 89%
Haze D-1003 Clear sheet % <0.5
Yellowness index D-1003 Clear sheet YI <1.2
Thermal conductivity C-177 W/m K 0.21
Tensile strength at yield D-638 10 mm/min MPa 62
Tensile strength at break D-638 1 mm/min MPa 65
Elongation at yield D-638 10 mm/min % 6
Elongation at break D-638 10 mm/min % >70
Tensile modulus of elasticity D-638 1 mm/min MPa 2,300
Flexural strength mechanical D-790 1 mm/min MPa 93
Flexural modulus D-790 1.3 mm/min MPa 1,890
Impact falling weight (ISO 6603/1 E50) 0.8 mm sheet J 50
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