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Soundbarrier arcylic Sheets

Brief introduction:Ai??

In current time, the increased volume of traffic noise has become a major environmental problem. So noise control along the traffic routes is increasingly gaining in imporatance to control noise levels in the facing of rising traffic volume.

And this is promoting the increased use of sound barrier solutions in the design of modern road and rail infrastructure.

Our SUNDECOR Noise Barrier is a transparent cast acrylic sheet designed to prevent traffic noise reducing stress for residents and increasing the amount of light in the urban environment.

SUNDECOR sound barrier sheet is the high stength cast acrylic sheet with embedded reinforced threds.

These threads restrain any fragments caused due to breakage during an accident, and prvent then froming falling onto the road .

The SUNDECOR acoustic sound barrier sheet approved throughout the world for use on bridges without additional restraint system.


Size :

  • The normal thickness for the acoustic sound barrier is 15m , 18mm, 20mm , 25mm.
  • The size : 1*2m ,1.22*2.44m ,2*2m, 2.05*3.05m.
  • Remark: All the size and color can be customized.

Advantage :

  1. Reducing the voice to 34DB.
  2. Preventing the bird from hiting the sheets
  3. High impact strength, the thread inside can avoid the second hurt
  4. Perfect transparency and the light transmittance with 93%.
  5. Excellent electrical insulation, very light in weight.
  6. Strong surface hardness and goodAi??weather resisting property
  7. Beautiful in colour, easy to clean


Application :

  1. High speed way
  2. Train station
  3. The living house around the road
  4. Garden enclosure


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1.5 MM Ai?? 0.2 11 MM Ai?? 0.7
2.0 MM Ai?? 0.3 12MM Ai?? 0.7
2.5 MM Ai?? 0.35 13MM Ai?? 0.8
2.8 MM Ai?? 0.4 15MM Ai?? 1.0
3 MM Ai?? 0.4 16MM Ai?? 1.0
3.5 MM Ai?? 0.5 18MM Ai?? 1.1
4 MM Ai?? 0.5 20MM Ai?? 1.5
4.5 MM Ai?? 0.5 25MM Ai?? 1.5
5 MM Ai?? 0.5 30MM Ai?? 1.7
6 MM Ai?? 0.5 35MM Ai?? 1.8
8 MM Ai?? 0.5 40MM Ai?? 2.0
9 MM Ai?? 0.6 45MM Ai?? 2.0
10 MM Ai?? 0.6 50MM Ai?? 2.5
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