How to choose the high quality PC sheet manufacturer

//How to choose the high quality PC sheet manufacturer

How to choose the high quality PC sheet manufacturer

The sunshine sheet is also called the hollow sheet. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren groen Now there are many kinds of PC sunshine sheet on the market, can meet the needs of different customers. Jon Lester Jersey But for the sheet, because quality is different, many manufacturers and businessmen are shoddy.There are many levels of sunshine sheets on the market.According to the general consumer market to PC sunshine sheet,we divide it into three years, five years, ten years sheet, many manufacturers sell the sheet produced by domestic raw materials of lower price and poorer quality into 10years sheet. Kanken Rugzakken Goedkoop PC-TWINWALL-MULTIWALL-SHEETS Do not believe the general manufacturers agents.Many businessmen and manufacturers selling low grade sheet will cheat you by saying the sheet is 10years,but actually it is produced by the domestic raw materials,so as to tempt you to use by the lower price.So before you decide, please know more information about the manufacturers in detail.POLYCARBONATE-CORRGUATED-SHEETS POLYCARBONATE-DOME-SKYLIGHT-COVER POLYCARBONATE-SHEETS POLYCARBONATE-SHEETS-USED-AS-SKYLIGHT 1、Need to learn more about the basic situation of the factory.Generally there are basic sunshine sheet manufacturers 、production date、installation instructions、brand and warranty on the plate. nike tn requin

  • See raw materials: whether it is the new material provided by the regular PC manufacturers.For the manufacturers with high quality requirements, they generally use SABIC, Bayer, MITSUBISHI, Samsung and other raw materials. Under Armour Soldes Feed back based manufacturers are domestic materials mainly, or use unlicensed bags.we can judge by seeing if there are special anti Dettol protective films, generally domestic greenhouse sheet ‘s quality will be relatively high

PC-RAW-MATERIAL 3、See the production equipment: such as UV co-extrusion layer, there are at least two extruders,one is material extrusion, the other is UV material extrusion . nike air max norge nettbutikk Whether there is anti Dettol processing equipment, the types of Dettol prevention treatment agent can smell with the nose, and alcohol taste is for alcohol soluble, no smell in general is water soluble

  • See the detection equipment: such as the measurement of light transmittance rate and various mechanical properties of the instrument, in particular, the instrument of UV layer thickness detection . Nike Air Max Shoes UK As has been said above, the UV layer thickness and distribution seriously influence the service life of the PC sheet, and it always changes according to the production line speed,temperature and pressure .So you must monitor and adjust at any time.It there is no test equipment,you can’t guarantee the UV layer thickness and uniformity on the whole plate width.

uv-extruded-layer 5、See the size of the plant: small factories generally has only one or two production lines, because the technical requirements of PC plate are low, so there are a lot of domestic manufacturers. Mochilas Kanken Classic PC-U-LOCK-SHEETS OEM-POLYCARBONATE-PANEL 6、See the company’s operating life:rich experienced factories are generally easier to deal with a variety of sheet quality problems, for security matters,they will be more professional, and can give reasonable proposals. Adidas Superstar Heren

  • Compare the price: if the price of the factory is compared higher than that of other factories,we can say this factory is based on new material sheet.If the price is reduced a lot,it will probably produce with recycled materials.So if you want high quality sheets,you must know the price of raw materials.So that you can buy the sheets of the best quality with the best price.

PC-SOLID-SHEETS-PACKAGE At present, China’s domestic PC sheet market is very chaotic, product weight varies greatly, and has seriously affected the reputation of the PC sheet, also brought huge impact to the PC sheet industry.Consumers must distinguishcarefully when buying products,in order to avoid unnecessary loss to yourself.

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