The advantages and disadvantages of acrylic aquarium

//The advantages and disadvantages of acrylic aquarium

The advantages and disadvantages of acrylic aquarium

Many of my friends are deciding to decorate the house recently, and decide to put a aquarium in the room. Soldes Chaussures Asics They want to learn about the difference between traditional glass aquarium and acrylic aquarium. Jordan 11 Sale Now more and more acrylic aquariums are sold, especially the high-grade aquarium which is mostly made by acrylic. Let’s learn about some features of acrylic aquariums. galss-aquarium-box acrylic-aquarium-box glass-aquarium-box customer-shaped-acrylic-aquarium-box

  1. Acrylic material has easy processing characteristics, so acrylic aquarium has many shapes, colorful, and high transparency, can not be compared by other material. Nike Air Max 2016 Dames It will be more glamorous by using a liquid polishing and wax on the surface.
  1. Compared with ordinary glass aquarium, acrylic aquarium has a strong impact strength and unbreakable.
  1. When you touch the acrylic material, you can feel warm but the glass will make you feel cool. chaussures nike It is easy to wipe clean and keep water temperature for a long time.
  1. Acrylic material has a strong weather resistance, even it is thinner than glass. Ordinary glass aquarium can resist corrosion, but it has defectiveness in the condition of four seasons. Cheap Nike Trainers UK Under sun exposure or the cold conditions, ordinary glass is more easily broken.
  1. The cost of acrylic aquarium is generally a little more expensive than the price of glass, but acrylic aquarium is not easily deformed and fade. And it has a very long service life, generally up to 10 years.

No product is perfect. What are the disadvantages of acrylic aquarium? The hardness of the acrylic aquarium is worse than glass aquarium, and abrasion resistance is bad. Soldes Asics 2017 It is scratched easily when brushing, and will change over time, influences viewing. If aquarium is a big one with bad acrylic, it will deform or even blew. There are some inferior acrylic aquariums at the market, the intensity of these counterfeit products not only poor, but also prone to fading, breakage. asics femme pas cher Poor quality acrylic aquarium’s surface is not smooth enough and it is difficult to clean. nike tn rouge acrylic-aquarium-box-panel-(4) acrylic-aquarium-box-panel-(3) acrylic-aquarium-box-panel-(2) acrylic-aquarium-box-panel-(1) Please note when you select the acrylic aquarium: acrylic aquarium thickness is generally 3 to 10 mm, and it’s better to choose thicker aquarium. Air Jordan 14 (XIV) Pay attention to the surface finish, flatness, small cracks and defects.

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